Confidentiality and Discretion Policy

Statement to Parents:

KiddiBank Day Care Cameron International Primary School are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”). As such we are sensitive to the need to collect and manage your Personal Information and that of your children and family, appropriately. Examples of Personal Information may include the names of children and parents/guardian, address, children’s dates of birth, health history, developmental history, emergency contacts, and authorised persons for pick-up of children. Additional Personal Information may be collected by KiddiBank Day Care if you have given your consent for an outside agency to work with your child regarding certain activities such as social development support, language development and speech therapy, and behavioural support. Personal Information collected by us will only be shared with third parties either with your consent or in accordance with applicable legislation. A copy of referral documentation will be provided to you.

Privacy Policy for Staff:
The Ministry of Education requires, as outlined in the Data Protection Act (1998) and GDPS guidelines, that all information contained in a child's records be considered privileged and confidential. The following principles of confidentiality
are also stated:
 Any information collected should be the minimum needed to serve the purpose of the service provided. The right of every child and family to
privacy should be recognised and protected to the greatest extent possible.

 All individuals selected for full-time or part-time employment, volunteer positions and student placements interacting with young children, have
access to information about parents and their children.

 All information on the children and their family is to be treated as confidential and must not be discussed outside of the KiddiBank Day Care.
Discretion is an important part of confidentiality. The feelings of children are to be respected when discussing their behaviour with other staff members or with parents. When possible, discussions should be held in private. Private conversations respect parents' right to privacy because
other parents, staff or students cannot overhear them.